vanpoolYou’re a savvy commuter. You like to stretch your legs and your dollar further. You want to join a vanpool. Right on. Vanpooling is the most comfortable and cost effective way to travel 15 miles or more. If you have a consistent commute two or more days a week, consider joining one of more than 60 vanpools in San Luis Obispo County and drastically cut your commute costs by up to 75% compared to driving alone. Vanpools are reliable and enjoyable. They reduce wear and tear on your personal vehicle. Vanpooling also reduces your impact on air & water quality and decreases road congestion!

Scroll down for more information on vanpools and vanpool providers in SLO County or call 5-1-1. You can also calculate your commute cost savings using our Commute Cost Calculator below! Rideshare’s Emergency Ride Home program is there for you when you need it, too, and is available to anyone with a free iRideshare account. Happy Commuting!

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