Back ‘N’ Forth Club

What is the Back ‘N’ Forth Club?

The Back ‘N’ Forth Club is a FREE program in San Luis Obispo County offered to businesses and organizations that encourage their employees to use sustainable transportation. The goal of the program is to equip employers with the tools needed promote positive change in employee commuting habits.

We believe there is a need to change the way we get around. The Green House Gas Emissions Inventory Report conducted in 2009 indicated that 68% of our county’s greenhouse gasses are attributed to transportation. A simple look to the Los Angeles area illustrates how a huge highway infrastructure does little to reduce or eliminate major traffic congestion. The organizations and businesses that choose to participate in the Back ‘N’ Forth Club help preserve our air quality and minimize traffic congestion in San Luis Obispo County.

Offering transportation options to employees has been shown to increase employee morale and productivity. Providing incentives to employees who choose to use sustainable transportation not only encourages continued use, but can also result in greater employee satisfaction. Furthermore, employees who carpool, vanpool, bus or walk together can build relationships that will help them work more cohesively as a team.

Getting started

1. Employee Commute Survey
A valuable tool for making positive change at your workplace is determining the current commute habits of your employees and their barriers to using sustainable transportation. This is done through a simple online survey developed and administered by Rideshare. The survey not only assesses current modes of commuting, but also identifies attitudes towards alternatives such as vanpooling, carpooling, taking the bus, riding a bike, and even walking to work. We provide the online survey link, evaluate the data and develop a Trip Reduction Plan based upon the survey results. The survey gives us an idea of the types of commute alternatives that will work best for your employees and provides a benchmark to measure the success of your program.

2. Trip Reduction Plan
Using the results from the Employee Commute Survey, Rideshare will create a customized Trip Reduction Plan that summarizes the survey data and provides recommendations. If a large majority of your employees commute from South County into San Luis Obispo at relatively the same time, we may recommend a vanpool. If a large barrier to employees leaving their car at home is the inability to leave for lunch, we may recommend our Workplace Bike Sharing Program or the Lunchtime Express. Trip Reduction Plans are conduced yearly to measure changes in employee commute behavior and the success of your individualized program.

3. Select an Employee “Super Commuter”
We find the most successful programs have an enthusiastic employee onsite that helps promote the Back ‘N’ Forth Club. You probably have an employee that supports the use of sustainable transportation and may already be carpooling, vanpooling, using the bus or riding a bike to work. That person may be willing to act as your Champ or the point of contact for Back ‘N’ Forth Club information. We will train the Champ and check-in with them to make sure your company’s questions and concerns are handled.

Encourage your employees to register at to get carpool and bike buddy matches, plan their bus trip and view vanpool and bicycle routes. In addition, participants in the Back ‘N’ Forth Club can receive their own Custom Sub Site and get automatic information employees reduction of emissions, miles, calories and gallons of fuel by using sustainable transportation. also allows program participants to provide and manage incentives to their employees online.

Additional Commuter Services

Emergency Ride Home Program
Rideshare’s Emergency Ride Home Program (ERH) offers insurance in the event of emergencies. If an employee becomes sick or has an emergency on a day they have used sustainable transportation, they can use our preferred taxi, shuttle or car rental services and be reimbursed for up to $45 of their ride. The service is only eligible for those registered in and can be used four times a year per employee and covers the whole county.

Trip Planning Service
Changing the way you commute can be confusing. Where do you pick up the bus? How much does it cost? Where are the bike routes? Rideshare offers personalized trip planning assistance to help your employees plan their trip to work. Simply call 781-1385.

For more information on joining the Back ‘N’ Forth Club, please contact Rideshare’s Employer Commute Coordinator, Peter Williamson – 805-597-8022 or