Mobility Management

San Luis Obispo County has six fixed-route public transit operators in addition to Dial-A-Rides, Senior Shuttles and our ADA Runabout service. With so many options, and each with their own schedule, website and phone number, traveling from one place to the next can be confusing. To help ease confusion and make public transportation easier to understand, Rideshare received grant funding to launch a county-wide Mobility Management Program. The goal of the program is to bridge the communications gap between Public Transit Operators and Social Services Agencies. Through this program, Rideshare is providing a variety of services, including:

  • A three digit phone number, 511, that provides consolidated transportation information in English and Spanish
  • Launch of a county-wide online bus trip planner
  • Personalized trip planning assistance by calling 781-1385
  • One-on-one transportation training with agency staff
  • Agency wide transportation information presentation or training
  • Transportation Information Centers for onsite use
  • Organized group Transit Field Trips
  • Mobility training to become a trainer for your clients
  • Door-to-door trip assistance
  • If you would like to receive any of the above services for your agency, please contact

Additional Trip Planning Tools

Rideshare Trip Training Manual (English) (Spanish)

Find My Ride Info Card

Know How to Go! tri-fold brochures for your area:
Five Cities
Morro Bay
Paso Robles
San Luis Obispo

Emergency Ride Home (English) (Spanish)

For more information on Rideshare’s Mobility Management Program, please contact Rideshare Program Coordinator, Sara Sanders – 805-781-1385 or